Secret Powers | Case Study: Super Monkey Ball
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Case Study

Super Monkey Ball

Banana Blitz HD

Sega Was Bananas

Before Bananas Were Cool.

The Challenge

Super Monkey Ball, a much-beloved SEGA franchise in the early 2000’s, had seen better days (and many lapsed players) as sequels and ports continued to be released well after 2010. Generating excitement for an HD remaster of the 2006 Wii release “Banana Blitz” seemed a tall order. 


Fortunately, genuine love for SEGA has been in the water supply for decades. What if we could harness that true-believer enthusiasm for the SEGA brand and its 90’s-era fondness for unabashed silliness to power excitement for Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD? The SMBBBHD live-action video campaign set out to encourage positive social engagement and build enthusiasm leading up to the crucial holiday sales season.


Go Inside The Ball.

The Solution

If you’re a monkey and also an actor, the opportunity to play the legendary roles of “AiAi”, “MeeMee” and “GonGon” is the highest honor. The artistic process of creating a prestigious, highly-anticipated title such as Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD deserves – no, demands – to be documented.  


SEGA and Secret Powers created an entire narrative world based around the idea that 1) monkey-actors exist and 2) the magic behind Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz HD is exactly as bananas as you think it is.

“It’s Not Just About Blitzing Bananas,

It’s About All Of Us.”


From the start, the character-driven approach invites viewers to go inside the ball. The first video, “Monkeymentary” promotes an original documentary by “Monkey Ball Films” suggesting a reality in which the game has been released to great fanfare and has catapulted the careers of the cast and director.

A Bunch of Great Stuff.

“Screen-A-Peel” & Social Vignettes

“Screen A-peel” further expands the universe, putting forth SMBBBHD’s unique selling points and pushing the known limits of banana-puns-per-minute with an exciting entertainment news package. 


To maintain positive engagement and further build monkey momentum, SEGA released a series of bite-sized Character Vignettes on their social channels in the weeks leading up to the October 29 release.

A Very Special Holiday Message.

Rolling Into The Holidays

To roll the live action video campaign across the finish line, we re-assembled our SMBBBHD cast for a Very Special Holiday Message. 


Serving as a cross-promo for the SMBBBHD PC release and Team Sonic Racing / SMB bundle, the video rekindled the flame set by the preceding campaign and concluded the series just in time for the holidays. 


In terms of engagement, the Holiday Video was the top performer.

Something Interesting Here

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